Childhood Nourishment Part 7

Happy fall ya’ all.  My family has always loved the autumn season.  We visited my grandpa’s farm a couple of times per month regularly, but the fall was a special time.  Large walnut trees and a small apple orchard were strategically located close to the house right behind the workshop.  We would eat all the apples we could right off the trees. Years after my father retired, he would drive an “apple wagon” allowing tourists to come and pick their own at a friend’s farm.  Apples have become a symbol of plenteous food in America.  Interestingly, with food all around us not everyone has sufficient food.  Food insecurity is the condition of not having access to adequate quality of food or sufficient food to meet one’s basic needs.  Not everyone can go behind the workshop, pick some apples and eat their fill in the fall.  Within the counties that Y12FCU has a credit union branch there is an average of about 20% of people experiencing food insecurities.  Many of those hungry are children.  The good news is that members and employees of Y12FCU have partnered with well vetted and proven agencies to see hunger reduced for children.  Children are being fed that in the past may have been hungry.


Our credit union president, Mark Ziegler has stated, “We have a responsibility to take care of the community we serve by giving back to those in need. We have been successful as an organization and the right thing to do is to help our most vulnerable, the children.”


Enjoy an apple this fall.  Give so that others can enjoy some apples this fall.  And when you see apples in the store stop and think how we have been blessed and have the opportunity to give to others that they too can be filled.

Dr. Gary Brewster

Executive Director

Y-12FCU Gives Foundation