Why was the foundation developed?

Y-12 Federal Credit Union is committed to making a positive difference in our membership’s financial lives and the communities in which they live. The Foundation is another avenue that will enable the credit union to sponsor non-profit organizations located in the counties we serve.

When was the foundation established?

Y-12 FCU Gives Foundation was launched July 17, 2017.

Who operates the foundation?

Y-12 FCU Gives Foundation is a separate, independent legal entity from Y-12 Federal Credit Union. The foundation, incorporated in Tennessee, is registered as a 501c3 not-for-profit corporation with the IRS. It is operated by a Board of Directors comprised of Y-12 Federal Credit Union employees.

Who are the decision makers for the Foundation?

The Y-12 FCU Gives Foundation’s Board of Directors makes all decisions on the behalf of the foundation. Several committees facilitate the operation of the foundation which include:  

  • Event Committee

  • Executive Committee

  • Governance Committee

  • Grant Committee 

  • Marketing Committee  

How is the Foundation funded?

Initial funding for the Y-12 FCU Gives Foundation was provided by contributions from Y-12 Federal Credit Union. Future income earned on the credit union’s specified funds will be donated to the foundation. Other funds are generated through special events, donations, and employee donations made through payroll deduction. 

What agencies will the Foundation support?

The Y-12 FCU Gives Foundation will award grants to non-profits that are not religiously or politically driven with missions that align with those of the foundation which are:

  • Education

  • Health & Wellness

  • Emerging community needs

How do nonprofit organizations apply for funding?

Complete the Grant Request Form during the appropriate grant cycle and submit the request to the grant committee. The committee will review the request and make the decision regarding funding. Each organization that applies will be notified of the decision according to the dates specified on the grant guidelines page. 

Does the foundation have social media sites?

Yes. Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram.         .

How can I get involved?

  • Encourage non-profit organizations, whose core values align with the foundation to apply for grants

  • Participate in sponsored events

  • Make a donation

  • Amazon Smile